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Hair Removal For All Skin and Hair Types

How does waxing work?

Waxing is a popular depilatory method where hair is removed from the roots for longer lasting results. Wax is applied to the skin and clings to the hairs. When wax is removed, the hairs are stuck to the wax, leaving your skin smooth. Hair regrowth becomes softer and results last longer than other forms of hair removal.

How does the treatment feel?

The amount of discomfort experienced when waxing depends on the individual. A tingling sensation can be felt immediately after waxing, this is the tiny nerve endings in your hair follicles reacting to the removal of the hair, and this will pass in seconds. After regular waxing the discomfort lessens because the hair follicle becomes weaker. Due to our expertise and experience, we can ensure you the most comfortable wax.

How is the treatment carried out?

We firstly cleanse the skin then the wax is applied to the skin where the hair is to be removed from, depending on the type of wax used, either a strip is applied or once the wax sets it is taken off, removing the hair from the area.

How long should I leave my hair to grow for my first wax?

For the very best results, we recommend 4/5 weeks growth for intimate and 5/6 weeks growth for legs to ensure all hair is long enough for the wax to remove, giving you a longer hair-free time after your wax. The same applies if you use hair removal cream. If your hair is the same length as a long grain of rice, it’s perfect.

We understand how difficult it is to leave previously shaved hair to grow out, but we promise you, it’s for the best when it comes to your waxing results.

How long will the wax last?

If you have left the hair to grow for 4 weeks, you will get a couple of weeks hair free before you start to see any regrowth, which will be minimal compared with shaving. You won’t feel the regrowth coming through and won’t feel like you need to be waxed for another couple of weeks.

After your very first wax you may see regrowth sooner but after your second, third wax with us your hair will be in the correct regrowth cycle to get a couple of weeks hair free from each treatment.

Is there anything I should do before?

Start to exfoliate the area every 2-3 days to encourage the hair to come through the skin and minimise ingrown hairs.

Then all you need to do is make sure your hair is long enough and that you are clean. Fulfilling both of these requests make our job much easier and makes our day a little more pleasant.

What should I do/not after treatment?

We recommend that for the first 24 hours prior to your wax, you avoid any excess heat or heat treatments/activities such as saunas, hot baths/showers, hot yoga, gym sessions and really anything that will make you sweat .

We also recommend that you DO NOT use any creams or products on the area for this time unless we have recommended our post-wax products to you, in which you can use as directed by us. We always complete your wax treatment with post-wax product we deem suitable for your particular skin type. This will be enough to help soothe the skin and keep reactions down to a minimum if aftercare instructions are followed properly.

Consultation Procedure

Prior to treatment, a consultation is conducted in which a medical history is taken to confirm suitability for treatment. This is also a good opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have. Before treatment commences you must provide written consent and a small test patch can be carried out.

How long does it take?

Most individual treatments take approximately 30mins for the entire treatment including consultation. If you are getting more than one body part waxed, it will take a little longer.


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