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How does BOTOX® for sweat reduction work?

Excessive sweating is treated by administering an injection of the protein botulinum toxin to the overactive sweat glands, which are identified by first applying a powder to the skin. The protein acts by blocking excess nerve signals to the sweat glands, thus reducing the amount of sweat the body releases.

How does the treatment feel?

The injections may be a little painful. Most people tolerate the discomfort well.

How is the treatment carried out?

The area of maximum sweating is usually the hair-bearing vault and is delineated by the Starch-iodine test the first time the treatment is performed. This area is marked as a grid with squares of approximately 1×1 cm and a small amount of diluted Botox injected superficially into the skin of each square. There is a small pinprick when the injections are given and local anaesthetic cream can be used if you have particularly sensitive skin.

Am I suitable for treatment?

If your aim is to reduce the embarrassment and inconvenience cause by overactive sweat glands, the hyperhidrosis treatment is a safe and convenient option.

Are there any side effects?

Following the treatment there may be minimal redness, bruising is uncommon but this fades quickly. We recommend that you remain upright for 3-4 hours after your treatment. You can carry on with your day as normal immediately after leaving the clinic, although clients should not massage or rub the areas afterwards or take vigorous exercise.

How many treatments are necessary?

The injections will not cure hyperhidrosis, only help control it. Symptoms tend to improve gradually (usually in about one to two weeks) and return gradually overtime. Follow-up injections will be required to maintain dryness. People are different in terms of the effects of Botox on sweat gland activity. Repeat injections may be necessary at intervals varying from 6 to 12 months- again this would depend on the site, severity of hyperhidrosis and dose injected.

Consultation Procedure

Prior to treatment, a consultation is conducted in which a medical history is taken to confirm suitability for treatment. This is also a good opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have. Before treatment commences you must provide written consent and a small test patch may be carried out.

How long does each treatment take?

The procedure takes only about 10 minutes and no anaesthesia is required.


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